• October 2023 - Miller MMIC Elevates RF MMIC QFN Packaging to New Heights

    Embracing the challenge of diversity in customer needs, Miller MMIC has reached a pivotal innovation milestone in September 2023. Our enhanced capabilities now include offering a multitude of RF MMICs in versatile QFN packaging, catering to a vast array of applications and customer requirements. Pioneering improvements have enabled us to extend the frequency range of our QFN-packaged components, now covering from 25GHz to an impressive 40GHz. This advancement is a direct response to the evolving demands of our customers, reflecting Miller MMIC's relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to delivering superior, customized RF solutions across a spectrum of industries and applications.

  • September 2022 - Miller MMIC Forges New Frontiers in Europe

    Miller MMIC marked a new epoch in its global expansion by inaugurating its Germany and UK divisions in September 2022. This strategic growth initiative bridges Miller MMIC with our European partners and foundries, reinforcing our international presence. The establishment of these divisions heralds a collaborative era, with our European team deeply involved in the design, application, and tape-out processes, seamlessly integrating with the local supply chain. By planting our roots in the European market, Miller MMIC is poised to offer more localized, agile, and sophisticated support, furthering our commitment to fostering relationships and tailoring our high-caliber RF MMIC solutions to meet regional needs.

  • February 2020 - Miller MMIC Boosts Testing Capabilities with Additional Funding

    In an ambitious stride forward, Miller MMIC secured additional funding in February 2020, earmarked for the enhancement of our automatic wafer testing systems. This investment allows us to implement cutting-edge over-temperature wafer probing, a process critical for ensuring the robustness and reliability of our semiconductors across various temperature ranges. Coupled with advanced software for statistical performance analysis, our facility is now uniquely equipped to perform specialized screening and grading tailored to diverse application needs. This technological leap not only solidifies Miller MMIC's position as an industry innovator but also underscores our unwavering dedication to meeting the exacting standards of the RF MMIC market.

  • July 2018 - Miller MMIC Expands Operations in Taiwan for Enhanced Wafer Probing and Testing

    In a strategic move to bolster our wafer probing and testing capabilities, Miller MMIC inaugurated an advanced facility in Taiwan in July 2018. This state-of-the-art center is dedicated to accelerating the wafer probing testing process and enhancing design verification. The establishment of this facility marks a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and collaborative growth. It allows for deeper collaboration with our partners, fostering a dynamic environment for rapid RF MMIC design and development. The Taiwan team's expertise and dedication are instrumental in advancing Miller MMIC's mission to deliver top-quality, high-performance microwave solutions to our global clientele.

  • March 2018 - Miller MMIC Celebrates a Milestone with Over 50 Design IPs

    Miller MMIC reached a remarkable industry milestone in September 2018, having successfully completed the tape-out of over 50 design IPs, a testament to our innovative prowess in the RF MMIC landscape. This significant achievement encompasses a wide array of sophisticated designs including RF Distributed Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Driver Amplifiers, and Digital Attenuators with capabilities reaching up to 40GHz. Our collaborative efforts with diverse foundries and the utilization of various processes underscore our commitment to versatility and excellence in semiconductor design. Miller MMIC's extensive portfolio of design IPs signifies a quantum leap in providing versatile, high-frequency solutions to our esteemed clients worldwide.

  • July 2017 -Miller MMIC Secures Pioneering Investment to Spearhead RF MMIC Innovation

    In a groundbreaking development, Miller MMIC USA has successfully secured an initial round of private funding, setting the stage for a transformative leap into the GaN and GaAs RF MMIC marketplace. This infusion of capital propels Miller MMIC to the forefront of the global microwave solutions industry, cementing our status as a trailblazer in RF semiconductor technology.

    Harnessing the formidable power of InP, GaN, and GaAs technologies, Miller MMIC is poised to revolutionize the realm of wireless communications. Our expansive suite of products addresses the full spectrum of wireless applications, pushing the boundaries of innovation to support frequencies up to 100GHz. As a comprehensive RF supplier, our portfolio boasts an array of critical components from low noise amplifiers to power amplifiers, and from mixers to digital attenuators and filters, each meticulously designed to meet the most demanding specifications.

    This strategic financial milestone fuels our ongoing mission to deliver top-tier, optimized microwave solutions. With this investment, Miller MMIC is accelerating its journey towards unprecedented levels of performance and reliability in the RF semiconductor domain.

  • MM310 10-40GHz Wide Band Distributed Low Noise Amplifier

    GaAs technology, 10-40GHz band with Noise Figure 4.0dB. P1dB min 13dBm. OIP3 +23dBm. Small package.

  • MM319 6-18GHz wide band Lowe Noise Amplifier

    GaAs technology, 6-18GHz band with Noise Figure 1.5dB. P1dB min 15dBm. OIP3 +25dBm. Small package.

  • RF MMIC Cross Reference
    Part Number Description ADI (Hittite) Broadcom
    MML001 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML002 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML003 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML004 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML005 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML006 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML007 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML008 Low Noise Amplifier HMC903 / HMC516
    MML009 Low Noise Amplifier HMC516 / HMC565 / HMC516LC5
    MML010 Low Noise Amplifier HMC462 / HMC462LP5 / HMC-ALH102
    MML011 Low Noise Amplifier HMC462 / HMC462LP5 / HMC-ALH102
    MML012 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML013 Low Noise Amplifier HMC460 / HMC460LC5
    MML014 Low Noise Amplifier HMC462 / HMC462LP5 / HMC-ALH102
    MML015 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML016 Low Noise Amplifier HMC341
    MML017 Low Noise Amplifier HMC-ALH311 / HMC-ALH313 / HMC-ALH364
    MML018 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML019 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML020 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML021 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML022 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML023 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML024 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML025 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML026 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML027 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML028 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML029 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML030 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML034 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML035 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML036 Low Noise Amplifier HMC3653LP3BE
    MML037 Low Noise Amplifier HMC903
    MML038 Low Noise Amplifier
    MML039 Low Noise Amplifier HMC903
    MML040 Low Noise Amplifier HMC516 AMMC6220
    MML041 Low Noise Amplifier HMC903
    MM3020 Driver Amplifier
    MM3021 Driver Amplifier
    MM3024 Driver Amplifier
    MMP101 Power Amplifier
    MMP102 Power Amplifier
    MMP103 Power Amplifier
    MMW001 Wide-band Amplifier
    MMW002 Wide-band Amplifier HMC465
    MMW003 Wide-band Amplifier HMC464 AMMC5025
    MMW004 Wide-band Amplifier HMC930 AMMC5024
    MM6004 Digital Control Phase Shifter
    MM6005 Digital Control Phase Shifter HMC642
    MM6006 Digital Control Phase Shifter
    MM6007 Digital Control Phase Shifter
    MM6008 Digital Control Phase Shifter








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